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The Events services of KTL offers flexibility to the clients as it can be designed as per their requirements. Its strong relationship with decor and technology providers, enable them to outer their clients, the latest in set fabrication as well as cutting edge technology in video, lighting, audio and special effects

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Unforgettable events are not miracles; they are conceived, nurtured and delivered to maturity with care, attention and focus down to the minutest detail. At KTL, we envisage every event we manage as a fresh value to be delivered to the client. Whether it is intended to raise funds, showcase or sell products, impress potential partners, motivate or reward employees, or prospect new deals. We design event solutions in agreement with your target, taste and budget

Drawing on a network of resources, venues, entertainers, and event specialists, we transform your event into a rewarding and memorable experience for both you and your clients. Provide us with an opportunity and KTL will take away the stress out of planning your event by acting as an interface between your goals and the complexities of organizing an event. Whether you need a theme party or an awards dinner or a Bollywood night to follow an annual conference or an evening of other varied entertainment, we have the experienced staff to create the right evening for you. KTL is dedicated to implement your objectives in a cost effective manner. We ensure you receive the best services at the best price

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